Neutronics Inc.

About Neutronics Inc.

Neutronics Inc. was formed in 1976 with a focus on the measurement and control of oxygen and other gases for safety, environmental, and general industrial applications.

In 1978, a large chemical company, after experiencing more than a decade of numerous flash fires, selected Neutronics to provide a new, state-of-the-art, oxygen-based inert gas control system to address this serious problem. The Neutronics Inert gas Control System (ICS) is now the recognized industry standard, with over 10,000 installations worldwide at many Fortune 500 companies.

In 1991, Neutronics grew through acquisitions to include an Automotive division (refrigerant analysis equipment) and Biomarine Inc. (closed-circuit, self-contained breathing apparatus). During this period the original oxygen analysis product line of Neutronics was branded as “Ntron.”

In 1999, Neutronics acquired a company that made “high-purity” oxygen analyzers complemented the existing Neutronics line of “process” oxygen analyzers. These “high-purity” analyzers can quickly and accurately measure oxygen from parts per billion (ppb) to 100% and are primarily used in the semiconductor and gas generation industries.

In 2001, Neutronics expanded its offerings in plant, personnel/process safety and product purity systems with a comprehensive line of toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gas detection instruments.

Today, Neutronics Inc. strives to exceed customer expectations by continually innovating better and more efficient gas analysis and control solutions to help maximize process efficiency, improve product quality, protect the health and safety of personnel and the environment, as well as preserve capital equipment and investments.

refrigerant identifier - refrigerant analysis

Neutronics’ Refrigerant Analysis division designs and manufactures advanced refrigerant analysis instrumentation for the automotive, HVAC, and airline industries. Products include refrigerant identifiers, A/C Sealant Detection kits, and Halon identifiers and recyclers.

A world leader and innovator of refrigerant identification technology, Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis pioneered the development of infrared measurement technology used to identify the type of refrigerant in A/C systems.

Our refrigerant identifiers and sealant detectors are used by automotive and HVAC service professionals to prevent refrigerant contamination and avoid damage to A/C service and handling equipment.

In addition to marketing its products under the Neutronics Automotive brand, the company also produces products under private label for major tool and equipment manufacturers as well as leading distributors.


Gas analysis

Neutronics’ Gas Analysis Solutions division designs and manufactures Oxygen Analyzers & Ambient Gas Monitors to control Oxygen and other gases in manufacturing processes. Neutronics systems are designed to maximize safety, control emissions, and reduce waste.

Neutronics systems are used worldwide, in a wide range of industries including semiconductors, LCD and plasma displays, solder reflow, lithography systems, laser equipment electronics, gas manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, combustion, and food and beverage.

Neutronics Oxygen Analyzers & Ambient Gas Monitors are the most advanced and comprehensive in the industry, with capabilities that range from percentage to parts per billion. Our systems are designed to be reliable and affordable while meeting or exceeding demanding industry and government standards.