Copy Exact Resources


Several of Neutronics Inc. customers require Neutronics and our suppliers to engage in what is called “Copy Exact”. Copy Exact is a policy that requires all manufacturing process steps that affect fit, form, function, or appearance of a product or component to remain fixed and not be changed without prior notification and approval from Neutronics and/or our customers. This is primarily a semiconductor industry-wide standard that ensures that our customers always receive consistent performance from our products.

Additionally, Neutronics is required to provide evidence of disaster recovery plans that will ensure the continued delivery of product to our customers in the event of unforeseen events.

If you have received a “Copy Exact” notice because you are a Neutronics supplier of components utilized in semiconductor industry products, you must complete the following in order to continue as a Neutronics supplier:

1. Complete the “Copy Exact” tutorial and test linked at the top of this page. You must receive a passing grade on the test.

2. Provide a copy of your disaster recovery plan to your Neutronics Purchasing Agent.

Thank you for completing the above tasks in a timely manner.